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Also seen in StarCraft 2 as "Spore Universe Mod" or in the game Spore.

The GalaxyEdit

This wiki is about an extension mod that can be played on the game Starcraft 2. It contains fan fictional races and settings.

This is a wiki about 4 main races. The high tech and scientific Xa'lien, the industrial and supportful Inkayian, the endless swarm of biological monsters known as the Viriuan, or the dark and plagristic race known as the Nemesis.


Xa'lien Units


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    New page: BattledroidEdit Light, but well shielded, the battledroid is a light Xa'lien mechanical infantry. AboutEdit The battledroid is an example of the...
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    New page: ShieldsEdit Shields are the primary source for defence, and the most reliable. You cannot critically damage them, you have to take them down a...

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